Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cream and Black Highlight

Hello my 2 followers! I was brought this furniture by a customer who wasn't too sure what she had in mind as to what she wanted to do with it. She sent me an email of a bedroom set that she liked. I had to get as close as possible to the picture. I have to be honest: I am the king of stain and glazes! Just kidding. But that is my cup of Joe. I am not use to painting furniture with latex paints. I can do it. But, it is a bit of a challenge when the color is cream and the glaze is black. I see all of these talented ladies whip this stuff out like it is nothing. I need to learn a few things I guess. It will be ok because I am a fast learner.

This project has taken almost a month. Working in the garage after I get off of my other job makes for a long day! I have to say I got a little frustrated at times working on this job. Lets just say it was a live and learn project for me. In the end I feel it turned out pretty nice. I hope the customer will be happy.